Advantages of the Visco mattress

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Visco mattresses of the newer generations are innovative advancements: they combine the thermoplastic shape memory of Tempur with viscoelastic properties (pressure sensitivity). Welded with a supportive foam core made of solid foam, the Visco mattress relieves strain on the spine and joints. Especially good is the Visco mattress for side sleepers because it catches the pressure of the shoulder and the pelvis precisely. But also back and abdominal sleepers feel almost weightless on this mattress.

The time-delayed regression of the reclining couch, however, can lead to a perceived narrowing of freedom of movement in restless sleepers. Even for people who sweat heavily, another mattress shape may be more appropriate. Amerisleep is the best mattress online store.

Advantages of the Visco mattress

  • The body sinks easily into the upper layer of the mattress and is thereby supported with pinpoint accuracy.
  • People with a high need for heating feel particularly comfortable with a Visco mattress.
  • The feeling of lying on a Visco mattress is very comfortable. It feels almost weightless.
  • People with back or joint pain or circulatory disorders appreciate the relief and report on a reduction in your symptoms during the night.
  • Orthopedic stretch cuts in the cold fluff area support this effect.
  • The relieving properties of Visco foam counteract the “bedsores” of bedridden people.
  • Visco mattresses are ideal for allergy sufferers. House mites have no chance. However, the cover must be washed regularly.
  • Visco mattresses have proven to be particularly good for side-sleepers, but back and abdominal sleepers are also very comfortable.

Are Visco mattresses suitable for box spring beds?

Boxspring beds are considered the “king of the bed” because of their luxurious feel. The reason for this is the special structure of these beds. Several mattress layers on top of each other create the typical box spring bed feeling. As a mattress for this type of bed a Visco mattress is not suitable, but as a mattress top.

As a topper, the pliable Visco foam on the box spring bed is a favorite for many buyers. If you decide on a mattress made of this material (cold fluff core and visco foam) you should make sure that the selected Visco mattress has the appropriate height for the box spring bed (at least 30 cm).