Design and Technologies used by Amerisleep to Manufacture Mattresses

Technologies used by Amerisleep in Mattress Manufacture:

The mattresses provided by Amerisleep use healing fabric and plant-based open-cell memory foam technology to manufacture eco-friendly mattresses. We aim at delivering environment responsible packaged mattresses along with direct-to-consumer shipping. The modern technologies utilised by us to manufacture superior-quality mattresses will aid you to sleep deeply and in a relaxing and stress-free condition.

Since the mattress cover lies closest to your body, providing a comfortable and smooth cover is obligatory. So, we use the FDA determined Celliant fabrics which deliver enhanced comfort and rest to your body. We implement the process of eco-friendly VPF mechanism to produce foams with sturdy cellular walls so as to increase the durability and comfort of the mattresses while recycling the generated wastes. We also use the Bio-Pur foam and HIVE (Harnessing Intelligent Ventilation & Energy) technologies to make the mattresses more soothing and help you to relieve stress and pressure points of your body. Besides these, Bio-Core is used as the base of our mattresses. It facilitates hip and shoulder support to sustain the natural alignment of your spine.

Designs used for Mattress Manufacture:

We eradicated the use of memory foam in our mattresses and replaced it with environment-friendly plant-based materials based mattress design so as to provide immense comfort to the customers as well as to sustain a pollution-free ambience. The Bio-Pur memory foams used by Amerisleep possess an open-cell structure which facilitates air circulation within the mattresses. This lets fresh air to get exchanged between the surroundings and the mattress which helps you to stay cool and sleep peacefully throughout the night. Also, the Celliant fabrics implemented to form the cover of the mattresses convert your body heat to infrared energy. This energy is imbibed by the muscles and tissues of your body and the process helps in elevating blood flow, thereby allowing your body to recover quickly. Thus, the innovative and modern technologies help us to design more comfortable and relaxing bed mattresses that will not only provide you with a good sleep but also rejuvenate and revitalize your body.