For whom is a gel topper suitable?

Gel foam mattresses can be used on all conventional mattresses. Such a topper is an ideal deletion for mattresses that are too old or too hard. The gel topper offers the same support as a high-quality cold fluff topper and is just as supple as the popular memory foam. Since gel foam is temperature-neutral, the topper is also suitable for people who quickly freeze during the night. A gel topper is also suitable for people who have a too hard mattress and want a softer feeling.

Particularly suitable is the mattress pad made of gel foam for restless sleepers who change their position very often during the night. Gel toppers with integrated lying zones adapt optimally to the individual body shape. The body benefits from a very good point elasticity, an optimal pressure point relief, and very good blood circulation. For these reasons, gel foam toppers have been used for many years in the field of orthopedic therapy.

How do I recognize a high-quality gel topper?

Gel toppers are available in many different designs. Although most toppers convince in the test, there are still big differences in terms of quality. A high price is far from a guarantee for high quality. Even if an on-site test is not possible, there are some important criteria that every buyer should be aware of. Similar to the mattresses, the material, the height and the processing play important roles. Gel foam toppers are available in different heights, from 4cm to 10 cm. The higher the topper, the higher the sleeping comfort.

The density is also an important quality criterion. Very high-quality toppers have a density of 65 kg / m³. The mattress pad should under no circumstances be too soft or too hard and support the back optimally. In order to achieve a pleasant sleeping climate, the topper should definitely be breathable and have a good moisture exchange. Best of all, the topper should have a removable cover. This must be able to be cleaned at least 60 degrees in the washing machine. If these conditions are met, then the Gel Topper is also suitable for people with a house dust allergy without restrictions. High-quality mattress pads made of gel foam have several lying areas. Buy mattress now at Amerisleep.