How often should the mattress cover be washed?

More is not necessarily better – this also applies when washing the mattress cover. Although the idea that dander and other debris may accumulate in the mattress cover may lead to frequent washing of the cover, this is not necessarily advisable. Finally, frequent washing also contributes to faster wear of the material and unsightly pilling on the cover.

In principle, experts advise cleaning the mattress cover only about once a year. Only people with allergies are advised to wash the cover more often – about every 3 months.

More frequent washing of the cover is usually not necessary to remove allergenic mite feces and to maintain a hygienic sleeping environment. However, regular airing or brushing, as well as the use of a mattress overlay, can help keep the mattress clean, create a more comfortable sleeping experience, and eliminate the need for frequent laundering.

How and at what temperature does the mattress cover have to be washed?

Once the mattress cover is removed from the mattress, it can usually be washed in any household washing machine. Something else is only valid if it is a large, not divisible mattress cover. Such a cover should be washed in an industrial washing machine with a larger capacity of about 15 liters. This eliminates the need to crumple up the mattress cover for washing and possibly damage the zipper during washing. For optimal cleaning, it is also advisable to wash the top and bottom of the separable mattress covers separately at home.

As for the optimum washing temperature, there is no general recommendation. Rather, the manufacturer’s information, which can be found on a small laundry label on the inside of the cover, must be strictly observed. Usually, however, mattress covers can usually be washed at 60, certain textile-finished covers at 40 degrees. You can get more information from

If the mattress cover can be washed at 60 degrees according to the manufacturer’s instructions, a heavy-duty detergent in powder form can usually be used to clean it. Finally, the effect of the bleach contained therein at about 60 degrees wash temperature can best develop. If you want to wash the mattress cover according to the manufacturer, however, only at 40 degrees, we recommend the use of liquid detergent. So even at low temperatures, no ugly detergent edges can arise.