Mattresses degree of hardness – special features

The mattress hardness does not necessarily have anything to do with the feeling of lying. Especially high-quality cold fluff, mattresses have a rather soft feeling due to the material quality, while latex mattresses tend to feel more firm because they have a very high density. Since latex mattresses are very point elastic, they adapt very well to the body of the sleeping person.

Mattress hardness in spring mattresses

For Bonell and pocket, spring mattress hardness depends mostly on the wire size and the number of turns and springs. So it may be that with a spring mattress in mattress hardness H1, the wire thickness is 2.0 mm, the mattress hardness H2 again 2.2 mm and so on. Springs with more turns offer a higher restoring force and the mattress with spring core is thus more point elastic. In inexpensive Bonell spring mattresses, the springs are interconnected, so they are area elastic and do not adjust so well on the body contours. In addition, a higher number of springs makes a pocket spring mattress usually harder, so a mattress with 2000 springs is not necessarily better than one with 500 springs. But even with a high number of springs can still select a degree of hardness, the spring mattress with 2000 springs is therefore not too hard from the outset. Buy spring mattress from Amerisleep.

Mattress hardness for visco mattresses

With Visco mattress, the choice of a mattress-hardness combination is not exactly easy. In principle, the visco-layer, which is provided with a high density, should ensure good body adaptation and pressure relief. The underlying core (either made of cold fluff or a spring core) to catch the body and provide support. For this reason, Visco mattresses convey a softer feeling from the very outset, but that has nothing to do with the degree of mattress hardness. Instead of the degree of hardness, you should pay attention to a sufficient volume weight of the supporting core in Visco mattresses. When parts of the body, such as the shoulder and pelvis, sink deeper anyway, there is a greater risk of a hammock effect and the sagging of the spine. This effect can have serious consequences.