Transporting a mattress: what do you have to pay attention to?

Moving, selling or renting – there are several reasons to have to carry a mattress. Although it is at first glance more attractive for most people to decide on moving to a new mattress and leave the old model to the bulky waste, this is not an option for many people, especially with new or particularly expensive mattresses.

Transporting a mattress: what do you have to pay attention to?

If you want to transport a mattress, the whole thing is usually as space-saving as possible take place. After putting the mattress upright in front of the window to dry for a few days to avoid fouling or mildew from being transported or stored, it may be convenient to roll or bend the mattress – but be careful! Not all mattresses can easily be kinked or rolled: All types of spring core and latex mattresses should be better transported in their “natural” form, as otherwise springs can move irretrievably or the latex can get cracks. All types of cold fluff mattresses, however, can also be rolled or kinked.

Preparation: rolling and fixing

For the transport itself you should have straps and sheets, foils or blankets available – besides, a second person as an assistant is an advantage. Before transporting, foam and viscose pads should be rolled up as tightly as possible and then tied tightly with tension straps – Caution: Do not use ropes or painters’ crepe because the ropes can cut the mattress and damage the cover while the painter’s crepe tears when it is too heavy.

Protection: Foil, sheets or blankets are useful

If the mattress is rolled up, then you can protect them from dust, dirt and other contaminants that may arise during transport. It is allowed, what pleases: Sheets, which are pulled over the mattress from both sides, are as sensible as painter foil, thick blankets or even special mattress foils. This can be used to protect both rolled-up mattresses and mattresses in their normal shape during transport.

Transportation: car, van or car roof

The rolled or folded cold fluff mattresses can then easily be stowed in the car, while you can transport spring core and visco models either standing in the van or lashed on the car roof.

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